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Samsung Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Jet 95 Complete, VS20C9544TB/GE, Power 580W, Brush Jet Dual/Slim LED/Pet+

by Samsung
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Condition: A Grade

Standard: A Grade
Color: Blue
Style: Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung Vertical Vacuum Cleaner Jet 95 Complete, VS20C95E4TB, Power 580W, Brush Jet Dual/Slim LED/Pet+

You want to buy a stick vacuum cleaner and are still undecided about which one to choose? The Samsung VS20C95E4TB/WD could be a good choice.

Samsung VS20C95E4TB/WD

  • Motor works with 580 W
  • with up to 120 minutes battery life
  • Battery charged in 210 minutes

Vacuuming made easy

The Samsung VS20C95E4TB/WD stick vacuum cleaner makes vacuuming easier to handle than a canister vacuum cleaner, as the device is easier to use. This household helper has an output of 580 W. The exhaust filter catches the finest dust particles that fly freely in the vacuum cleaner. With the crevice nozzle, you can reach not only narrow gaps , but also cracks and joints. The VS20C95E4TB/WD lasts up to 120 minutes. The Samsung is ready for use again after 210 minutes of charging. It offers you a dust container with a capacity of 0.8 l.

Supports you in floor care

Disposing of the dust bag from the Samsung VS20C95E4TB/WD is quick and hygienic. You can also choose from a number of cleaning modes depending on the room. The gradual length adjustment allows the telescopic tube to be set to the optimum suction height . In order to be able to compare, it is helpful to look at the range of vacuum cleaners .

The key points

  • Maximum suction power: 210 air watts - Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Battery power: 25.2 V - Battery life up to: 60 mins
  • Noise level: 86 dB - Tank capacity: 0.80 L
  • Number of batteries: 1
  • The +: 3 motorized brushes, multi-directional elbow, charging and storage station
  • Choose this product for what uses?

    • To vacuum: Floors, furniture & heights
    • Type of floors: Tiles, parquet floors, rugs, carpets
    • For which surfaces? : Not concerned
    • Brush or special accessory: Mini motorized brush: to effectively remove animal hair and dust in small spaces
    • And in addition:: Soft roller brush to take care of your parquet and hard floors
  • Performance

    • Maximum suction power: 210 air watts
    • What are air watts? : This is a unit that measures the efficiency of vacuum cleaners by referring to the air flow (m3/s) and power (watts) that a vacuum cleaner produces and uses.
    • Details on suction power: : It may vary depending on the type of floor (parquet, tiles, rugs, carpet) that you vacuum and the mode used (standard, eco, boost)
    • Battery power: 25.2 V
    • Number of batteries: 1
    • Suction technology: Multi-cyclonic: this suction can treat large dust as well as fine particles thanks to its multiple cyclones. It offers intense suction force for the entire duration of cleaning
    • Main brush: Jet Dual Brush
  • Autonomy

    • Battery life up to: 60 mins
    • Maximum power autonomy up to: 6 mins
    • Cooldown time: 3.5 hours
  • Comfort in use

    • Sound level: 86 dB
    • Details on the noise level: : It may vary depending on the type of floor (parquet, tiles, rugs, carpet) that you vacuum and the mode used (standard, eco, boost)
    • Weight: 2.5 kg
    • Number of speeds: 4
    • Parking position: No
    • On/off button: Single press (allows fingers to be free when cleaning)
    • Charging station: Charging station to place to avoid drilling walls: charge or store the device easily
    • Tank capacity: 0.80 L
    • Dust container type: Bin to remove to empty dust
    • Hand vacuum cleaner: Requires removing the tube and using the various accessories and brushes provided for additional use (e.g.: table, car, armchair)
    • Telescopic tube: Very practical for stairs. Allows the height of the product to be adapted to the user's height
    • Foldable tube: Not affected
  • Around hygiene

    • Filtration system: 5 stages of filtration, vacuum cleaners with several stages of filtration can vacuum up to 99.99% of particles and allergens
    • Tank filter maintenance: Washable under water
  • Dimensions

    • Dimensions lxhxd: 25 x 93 x 20.2 cm
    • Vacuum cleaner weight: 2.5 kg