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LG G1 Soundbar

by LG
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Condition: A Grade

Style: Soundbars with Subwoofers
Color: Black

LG G1 Soundbar

Enhance all your entertainment with superb audio courtesy of the LG G1 Soundbar.


Give your home movie nights a new level of sound experience with the LG G1 3.1-Channel Wireless Soundbar. With four audio channels and Dolby Atmos technology, sound is projected in multiple directions to feel like it's coming from all around you. You'll feel like you're standing right next to your heroes. And with 360 W of power, you can hear every scene loud and clear, no matter where you're sitting.

Feel the tension rising with the crescendo of the movie score. The LG G1 Soundbar features a wireless subwoofer than can be placed anywhere in the room for immersive sound. For the most cinema-like experience, we recommend placing it right by the sofa or wherever you're watching from.

Sound bars don't have to break up the look of your living room. The LG G1 is designed as the perfect accompaniment to LG G Series OLED TVs. And at just over 3 cm deep, you can mount it on the wall and maximise your home audio without minimising space.

You get the same great sound for your music, too. The LG G1 3.1 Wireless Soundbar has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can link your smartphone and play music wirelessly. It also supports USB drives and high resolution audio tracks, so you can hear the subtlest details in the albums you love.

  • Bluetooth: Y
  • Depth: 32.5 MM
  • Height: 150 MM
  • Width: 1225 MM
  • Dongle Required: N
  • Dual Core Processor: N
  • DVD: N
  • Miracast: N
  • On Mode Power Consumption: 33
  • Surround Sound: Y
  • Wifi Enabled: N
  • A perfect match with LG 55” G series OLED TV
  • Cinematic three dimensional sound with Dolby Atmos
  • Fantastic depth of sound (360W, 4 channels)
  • AI Sound Pro for optimised audio
  • Optimal connectivity
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