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Samsung NZ85C5047FK/U1 Induction Hob

by Samsung
SKU NZ85C5047FK/U1
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Condition: A Grade

Color: Black
Style: Induction Hob

Samsung NZ85C5047FK/U1 Induction Hob

With the Samsung induction cooktop, you enjoy free and creative cooking. It offers the FlexZone Plus feature for different cookware, Wi-Fi connection for advanced control of the device and a slim design that saves space in your kitchen.

Induction cooking
Induction cooking is an advanced culinary process utilizing electric induction rather than traditional heating elements. Heat is generated exclusively in the base of the cooking vessel, keeping the surface of the induction hob cool to the touch - reducing heat loss and making it more energy efficient.

Cooking zones
Featuring five cooking zones and boosters to ensure speedy heating, this cooking surface is a great choice for those who value efficiency.

FlexZone Plus
The FlexZone Plus feature allows simultaneous preparation of multiple dishes, accommodating pots and pans of any shape or size.

Wi-Fi connection
Through the Samsung SmartThings app, users can remotely manage cooking tasks from their phone.

Child lock
The device is equipped with a child lock, which you can activate so that your children do not accidentally turn on the hob or change the settings.

Cooking utensils
Induction cooking necessitates the use of pots and pans with a ferromagnetic metal base, such as stainless steel, to ensure compatibility. An easy way to test is to attach an ordinary magnet to the bottom of the pan - if it adheres, the pan is suitable for an induction range.