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Letzter Versandtermin ist der 20. Dezember. Die Auslieferungen werden am 3. Januar 2024 wieder aufgenommen
Letzter Versandtermin ist der 20. Dezember. Die Auslieferungen werden am 3. Januar 2024 wieder aufgenommen

Genee 55 G-Touch Screen 4K Ruby Whiteboard Monitor Digital Signage

von Genee
SKU TOU090000
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Aktueller Preis £1,254.99

Zustand: A-Klasse

Size: 55
Style: Whiteboard

Genee 55 G-Touch Screen 4K Ruby Whiteboard Monitor Digital Signage

Brand New Sealed

The G-Touch® Ruby is everything you need in an interactive display. The G-Touch® Ruby is packed with features that will enhance your presentations, meetings and training sessions. With industry-leading 4K image quality with anti-glare, toughed glass, Android 8.0, device casting and 20-point touch.

The G-Touch® Ruby Interactive Display is also incredibly easy to use due to the user interface – one of the most important factors when developing digital technology. Developing a 3-touch rule allows users to access any function within 3 touches, ensuring an intuitive and easy way to use our G-Touch® screens.


The G-Touch® Ruby has built in wireless display mirroring. This allows everyone in the room to cast their Apple, Google, Android or PC device directly to the screen. Allowing the option for immediate feedback by reviewing answers on the screen.

With more and more working spaces becoming digital, it is important for devices to be able to integrate with each other.

The G-Touch® Ruby allows users to cast their Google and Apple devices without the need for third party applications. Simply, press screen mirroring on your device, enter the code which is displayed on the touchscreen and you will be connected.


Multi Touch

With multi-touch technology several people are able to work and collaborate on the screen at once. This allows you to also benefit from multi touch software.

Dual Pen

The intuitive G-Touch® screen can recognise when you are using a pen or finger.

OPS Slot

All G-Touch® models have the option to add a built-in PC. Our simple ‘slide and secure’ fitting options allow for easy upgrades.

Gesture Control

The G-Touch® has been developed to be as easy to use as possible. Gestures reduce the number of touches needed on the screens as complicated functions can be completed with simple swipes. This is why most gestures you use on your phone can be used on our touchscreens. These are gestures such as pinch to zoom, rotating images and much more!

Blue Light Filter

The blue light filter decreases the amount of blue light displayed on the screen of the device. This can help reduce digital eye strain, which will make your eyes feel less tired by the end of the day.


All of our G-Touch® screens have the latest anti-glare technology. This coupled with the brightness of our LED panel enable content to be viewed in any environment.

Front Facing Speakers

Crystal clear audio via the front facing speakers is ideal when incorporating video presentations or remote sessions.

Spark II Software

The ultimate presentation software designed for ease of use. Free with all G-Touch® Ruby Interactive Displays.



Manage and control all of your G-Touch® screens through a single, cloud-based platform, enabling complex operations and tasks to be completed in a refreshingly simple manner.

  • Control multiple devices at once.
  • Ability to share messages.
  • Updating software.


The G-Touch® Ruby comes with 5 Year Warranty.

Our Genee technical team are there to assist on any problems you may have with your Genee products, within your warranty period or outside the warranty period. Genee ensures to provide the ultimate customer experience, which is why Genee is one of the few AV manufacturers that employs its own dedicated internal technical team, rather than subcontracting to a third party.

You can be rest assured when it comes to our hardware support, it will be a Genee qualified engineer who will provide the best customer service and support.


Our training programmes are delivered by a fully qualified, experienced classroom teacher. This will enable you to fully utilise your new technology to enhance learning and presentations ultimately increasing engagement levels.

This programme is designed for skills training, building on the content of each introductory training session. Receive your first introductory training session for free when you purchase a G-Touch® display.


The G-Touch® Ruby comes with the Genee App Store pre-installed. The store provides quick and easy access to a range of applications. Specifically, a range of educational related applications that have been selected, tested and verified by a content team made up of ex teachers.

The store features apps listed in easy to find filters such as subject, age range, key stage and product type. The Genee App store has hundreds of apps with over 80% being free of charge.


Designed to provide the perfect means for displaying your interactive touchscreen, whether in a classroom, training centre, or board room, we offer a comprehensive range of stands, trolleys and wall mounts. The Genee range is designed to match your needs and your environment within your budget. Our stands, wall mounts and trolleys have been selected to provide a solution for all G-Touch® Interactive Displays, but are also compatible with other branded screens. Whether you would like your screen to be wall mounted and placed in a permanent location, or to be on a trolley so that it can be moved around the room or the building, we have a mounting solution that will work for you.


OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) enables the ability to upgrade your existing touchscreens to your individual requirements, while helping to futureproof technology investments. The OPS unit can accommodate further, as it can be interchangeable with other devices. You can simply just plug in the OPS unit and experience all the benefits of working in a PC environment.




G-TOUCH® RUBY                            55" 4K                               

Product Code




Display area

1209.6 x 680.4mm

Display ratio



3840 x 2160 Pixel (4K)

Display colours


Response time


Viewing angle




Touchscreen glass

Tempered glass; New Ge

Speaker output power

20W x 2

Speaker position


Power consumption

Touch sensor

Maximum <165W

Standby Mode ≤0.5W


Touch point

20 point touch

Writing tools

Pen, Stylus or Finger

Front Interface Inputs AV Inputs

HDMI 2.0 x1, USB 3.0 Type A x3, USB Type C x1, Touch USB 2.0 x1

HDMI 2.0 x1, USB 3.0 Type A x3, USB Type C x1, Touch USB 2.0 x1

AV Outputs

HDMI 2.0 out x1, RJ45 out x1, Spdif out(Optical) x1, Headphone out x1


DP 1.2 in x1, HDMI 2.0 in x2, VGA in x1, Audio in x1, YPbPr in x1, AV in x1  RJ45 in x1 Touch USB 2.0 x3(Type B), USB 3.0 x1(Type A), USB(Android)

2.0 x1(Type A), OPS

Slot x1

Supported media formats


Video: MPEG1, MPEG2, M

Audio: MP3, M4A, (AAC)

Positioning accuracy


Communication interface


Front/side I/O port


Android system

8 (848)


ARM Cortex A73


4G / 32G

Over the air updates


Outline Dimension

(without wall mount bracket thickness)

1352 x 839 x 102mm

Packing Dimension

1554 x 260 x 997

Net Weight


Gross Weight


OPS slot



Project Flow (Trial), SPAR


5 Year Warranty 


Remote Control with batteries, USB cable, HDMI cable, Magnetic Pen x2, Wall Mount.