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Letzter Versandtermin ist der 20. Dezember. Die Auslieferungen werden am 3. Januar 2024 wieder aufgenommen
Letzter Versandtermin ist der 20. Dezember. Die Auslieferungen werden am 3. Januar 2024 wieder aufgenommen

Samsung LS27CG510EUXEN 27″ Odyssey G5 Flat Gaming Monitor

von Samsung
Ursprünglicher Preis £269.99
Ursprünglicher Preis £269.99 - Ursprünglicher Preis £269.99
Ursprünglicher Preis £269.99
Aktueller Preis £199.99
£199.99 - £199.99
Aktueller Preis £199.99

Zustand: A-Klasse

Size: 27
Style: Gaming Monitor

Samsung LS27CG510EUXEN 27″ Odyssey G5 Flat Gaming Monitor

A visual spectacle

At the heart of the Odyssey G5’s appeal lies its stunning visual prowess. This 27-inch flat gaming monitor boasts QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) resolution, ensuring that every pixel on the screen is a canvas for vivid and detailed imagery. Whether traversing mythical landscapes or engaging in intense firefights, expect visuals that captivate your senses.

Never miss details

Experience gaming in a whole new light – quite literally – with HDR10. Game scenarios are vividly brought to life by a kaleidoscope of colors. With a display supporting high dynamic-range, reveal all the mysteries lurking in the shadows, or in the highlights.

Flawless Gameplay

For gamers, speed is of the essence, and the Odyssey G5 answers the call with remarkable features. A high refresh rate of up to 165Hz ensures that the transition between frames is as speedy as it gets. 

Even the most action-packed sequences remain crystal clear, leaving no room for motion blur to compromise your performance with the monitor’s rapid 1ms (MPRT) response time. With low input lag, your commands are executed with virtually no delay, giving you that competitive edge.

Smooth game flow

There is no room for screen tearing and stuttering! The AMD FreeSync Premium technology of the Odyssey G5 ensures a smooth, tear-free gaming experience. It streamlines the frame rate of your graphics card with the monitor’s refresh rate.  You will appreciate the fluidity of gameplay even during intense gaming marathons.

Ergonomic and Comfortable to Look at

Comfort is key for those extended gaming sessions, and the Odyssey G5 doesn’t disappoint. With a height-adjustable 120mm, 92°pivot, 15°swivel, and 20°tilt functionality, you can perfectly customize your monitor’s position to match your gaming setup. The monitor includes an Eye Saver Mode, which reduces blue light emissions known to cause eye strain. Furthermore, the Flicker-Free technology eliminates screen flickering, another potential source of discomfort. With these enhancements, you can stay immersed in your virtual worlds without distractions.No more straining your neck or back – this monitor is designed for long gaming sessions. 

Easy Connectivity

The Odyssey G5 is equipped with multiple ports, including HDMI and DisplayPort, making connecting your gaming console, PC, or other devices effortless. 

With Samsung’s Odyssey G5 27″ Flat Gaming Monitor, victory is within reach. The stunning visuals of the G5, lightning-fast performance, and ergonomic design make it the ultimate gaming companion. 

Panel Type: VA
Brightness (Typical, cd/m2): 300 cd/㎡
Contrast Ratio (Dynamic): Mega
HDR(High Dynamic Range): HDR10
Response Time: 1ms (MPRT)
Refresh Rate: Max 165Hz
Color Support: Max 16.7M
Eye Saver Mode: Yes
Game Mode: Yes
Flicker Free: Yes
FreeSync: FreeSync Premium
Windows Certification: Windows 10
Black Equalizer: Yes
Virtual AIM Point: Yes
Refresh Rate Optimizor: Yes
Super Arena Gaming UX: Yes
Auto Source Switch: Yes
Display Port: 1 EA
Display Port Version: 1.4
HDMI Version: 2
HDCP Version (HDMI): 1.4
Headphone: Yes