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Samsung The Frame 32" 2021 2022 Customizable Bezel

von Samsung
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Aktueller Preis £24.99

Zustand: A-Klasse

Size: 32
Color: White

Samsung The Frame 32" 2021 2022 Customizable Bezel

More colours, more styles, more you.

Customisable Frame

Express your style — even with your TV. An expanded range of bezel colour and style options means you can create the right look to reflect your space.

Customise The Frame to suit your style
Designed to be indistinguishable from a modern picture frame in every detail, The Frame is able to seamlessly blend with any room decor. The Frame’s interchangeable bezel* is the secret to interior harmony. It magnetically attaches to the standard metal frame, allowing The Frame to beautifully complement any space. Available in modern and bevelled design options, the high-quality bezel options add an elegant finishing touch to any living space.

*Each sold separately

Personalise Your Frame TV
The Frame Bezel now comes in two different design types. Choose Modern Type to give your space a hint of contemporary or select Bevelled Type and enjoy its authentic picture frame appearance.

Change the look of The Frame instantly
Easily put on or take off the magnetic bezels in seconds. Change the look of the Frame quickly to complement your mood. Make it the centrepiece, or let it blend in harmony with the interior.

Get the perfect match for your décor, with this stylish Samsung frame surround.